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2018 Zhongshan International Forum-Market Integration of Agriculture in China

October 30, 2018

Implications for Producers, Consumers and Policymakers


November 11th-14th, 2018, Nanjing, China

Organized by

Nanjing Agricultural University

International Food Policy Research Institute

University of Göttingen


Co-sponsored by

Issues in Agricultural Economy

Chinese Rural Economy

Journal of Nanjing Agricultural University (Social Science Edition)

China & World Economy





The rapid development of the agricultural sector in China, especially after the country’s 2001 accession to the WTO, has been driven by market-oriented reform, moving from a centrally-planned to decentralized market system, and from a tightly-controlled to freer trade scheme.

The process of market integration, both domestically and globally, has fundamentally transformed food production, consumption, marketing, as well as policy-making. Improved production efficiency, increased consumption, and implementation of novel and effective institutional policies, have all been successfully realized over the past forty years.

Yet given these achievements, agricultural development in China now faces tremendous challenges that call for solutions. Rising production costs and environmental issues, along with competition from the world's major agricultural producers, demand a restructuring of China’s agricultural production toward a system with increased competiveness and sustainability. Measures need to be taken from innovation in land contract and operating arrangement, gear shift of domestic support policy to the system betteradaptive to open-economy, to the enforcement of rules and regulations correcting market failure in agri-environmental protection. Consumers’ increasing demand for more and higher quality food puts pressure on upgrading food production and management systems, and highlights the increasing constraint on the world’s resources. Concurrently, China has also undergone a massive rural-urban migration. While key to the country’s economic development, this fundamental demographic change also makesprominent various problems during the rural-urban transformation. All those issues are in urgent need to be addressed by researchers and policymakers.

Aims and Scope


Issues expected to be addressed at the conference include, but are not limited to:

·             Agricultural market integration

·             Food security and food safety

·             Food consumption and consumer behavior

·             Rural labor market and land market

·             Agri-environment regulation for sustainable development

·             International experiences and comparison

·             Rural social security

The deadline to submit papersis September 20th, 2018. Please submit papers to:cem@lucky-special.com, and a copy to yuezhiying@lucky-special.com.



The conference will be held at the Hanyuan Hotel & Conference Center, Nanjing Agricultural University


Important Dates


·             Paper submissiondeadline: September 20th, 2018

·             Author Notification: October15th, 2018

·             Arrival and check-in: November 11th, 2018

·             Conference sessions: November 12th-13th, 2018

·             Departure: November 14th, 2018